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Got A Website, Now What? – Tips on How To Market Your Chiropractic Website

Posted by Sandra Turner on February 5, 2009

1. Use an Easy to Remember Web Address
Make the name of your website address (or domain) easy to remember. Use a derivative of your name, or your clinic’s name to make it easy to recall; patients will be more likely to refer a friend or family member to your site if they can remember its name. Here’s an example: Parker Chiropractic could use,, or The sooner you establish your site, the more likely you’ll get the address you want. 

2. Put Your Web Address on Everything
Your website is a place where people can go to check you out. Your domain name should be on everything related to your practice: stationery, TV and radio spots, brochures, business cards, appointment cards, newsletters, fax cover sheets, note pads, refrigerator magnets, rubber stamps, yellow page ad, voice mail/answering machine message, workshop handouts, spinal screening flyers, etc. Remember to add it to your office signage, the front door of your office, checkout desk and staff uniforms. Put your web address on t-shirts and hats for patients, even your own professional and casual wear. Wear clothing that promotes you. It helps people remember where to go for expert chiropractic care.

3. Give People a Reason to Visit
Make people curious and boost traffic to your website. Give them reasons to go to your site—use phrases like “Find Out How Chiropractic Can Improve Your Health Naturally By Visiting Us At,” “For Our Special New Patient Offer, Visit Us On The Web at,” or “To Find Out What Conditions Chiropractic Helps Visit”

4. Issue a Press Release
The Internet is still in its infancy and the media loves any news related to it. Send press releases about your new site to everyone: newspapers, local and regional magazines, business journals, chamber of commerce, radio and TV stations, area businesses. This exercise alone promotes your practice.

5. The Cornerstone of Your Marketing Efforts
Whether you promote your practice a little or a lot, your website can, and should, become a focal point of your public relations strategy. Use it to announce the dates and topics of upcoming workshops. It’s a fabulous tool to encourage the public and your patients to attend spinal screenings at a local mall or health fair, and to participate in Patient Appreciation Days and other special events. Your website can become a valuable community resource for natural health care information and events.

6. Keep it Fresh and Exciting
Frequently update the information on your site and periodically change the color scheme and content to keep your website fresh. With a site developed from scratch by a web designer, updates can become difficult and expensive. By using a ChiroMatrix professional web design and hosting service, you have complete control to update content and information changes as often as you like, free of charge, 24 hours a day.

7. Send Out A Monthy E-Newsletter
Everyone has an email, so why not use it to send out a monthly E-Newsletter to your your patients and subscribers. An E-Newsletter is a powerful way to communicate, educate, and inform people about your practice. Just make sure to keep it short and informative.

Got a few tips of your own? Post a comment and share them.


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