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Got SEO?

Posted by Sandra Turner on February 6, 2009

You’ve heard about it and maybe you know a little something, but I’m going to give you a SEO 101 course right here… a brief overview anyway. You’ll be able to find more content and videos about this topic, on my blog. SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. What is Search Engine Optimization? According to, “it is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine,” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Basically, if you don’t got SEO, chances are people searching online looking for your product or services, using Google, Yahoo or some other search engine, will not find your website. Let me say it again, if you don’t got SEO, then people searching online for your product or services will not find you. It’s really that simple, it’s like having a billboard ad in the middle of nowhere. Now, most people think that if you build a nice flashy website that the people will come like bugs to a light. But it doesn’t work that way. You can have a great looking website with all the bells and whistles, but if it’s not optimized for the search engines, it will not get the traffic it deserves.

Now then, what is SEO? SEO is made up of five main ingredients. There’s a lot more to it, but these five key ingredients, that I’m about to share, are a must have.

1. Keywords and phrases – what word or phrase do you want to be found under when someone is searching online for your product or services? Think about it, because this is an important first step to optimizing your site. For example, if you’re a Chiropractor with a website, then more than likely you want to be found by your name, your practice name and a  phrase like “Chiropractor in (your city and state)”. You may also want to be found for keywords which relate to services that you provide like Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Spinal Decompression, ART, etc.

2. Page title Tag – A title tag is one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings. Title tags are what appears as the hyperlink in the search engine results (SERP). Your page title also appear at the very top of the browser of your web page. It is important to have your keywords included in the page title. For example, if I have a Chiropractic practice in San Diego, CA, then I might want to have my title tag like this <title>Healthy Chiropractic in San Diego, CA</title>. You want to have the keywords that you think people will use in your page title.

3. Meta Description Tags – Meta description tags also helps your search rankings. Although, descriptions tags are not as important as title tags, you still want to include it. A meta description tag is a brief summary of your page’s content. Description tags are located under the page title. See the example below:

example of a page title and meta description.

example of a page title and meta description.

4. Content – This is the content on your website pages. You want to have well written content that not only has your keywords and keyword phrases included, but you want your content to be compelling and captivating to your readers as well. Good content keeps readers coming back and other sites linking to yours.

5. Links – Links determine your website’s credibility to the search engines. But some experts will say that links are not very important, I beg to differ. I think that having quality links gives your website more exposure. Look at it this way, let’s say someone does a search for “CA Chiropractors”. Well, your site isn’t likely to come up for that search term, but a chiropractic website directory is. If your website is listed in that directory, then that’s another way to be found online. Having your website linked to other sites is like being everywhere… like Starbucks. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s SEO in a nut shell. If you would like a free basic SEO guide written by Matt Cutts of Google, send me an email and I will send it out to you.


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