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10 Reasons Why Your Website Failed

Posted by Sandra Turner on February 9, 2009

10. You Hired Your Nephew

So he is an electronic whiz. He plays video games, accumulates 2,000 texts on his phone a month, knows how to use the remote for your entertainment system plus took a website class in high school. You’ve heard that he has created a website or two and see an opportunity to save a few bucks. Sure, you can hire him for dirt cheap, but that’s about what you’ll end up with for your website. A few hundred dollars later, you find that the website he created has done more damage than good. You find yourself taking your URL off your business cards, stationary and email signatures. Worst of all you’re missing out on potential customers and profits.

9. You Hired out Your Web Design and Development to a Near-Third-World-Country

Hiring outside of the country is often difficult and disappointing. If you caved into the idea of hiring a professional for less outside of the country you’ve probably found like many of my colleagues and myself included that the hassle and work you received isn’t even worth it being done for free. Save yourself the stress, and hire a competent firm close to home.

8. You Used Hosting Software to Easily Build Your Own Website.

How hard can building a website be? The honest answer, not very hard at all. HTML is one of the easiest things to learn. You can find tutorials or a class that can get you started in building a website within hours. Templates make it even easier. Just about anyone can create a website, but being able to build a website that brings success takes a lot of experience and a lot of talent. If you’ve decided to try it out as a hobby, go for it, I personally find very few things more enjoyable than crafting new designs and programming new systems. But if you want a website that gets results, turn it over to the professionals.

7. Your Web Design Sucks

If you don’t take your business seriously, how can you expect your clients to do the same. Your visitors are looking for the latest and greatest products or services. In short, get with it, or fail.

6. You Have an Intro Page

Even if you think your splash page looks “cool”, you’re providing little to no benefit to your visitors. Our studies have shown that websites with Intro or Splash Pages lose a multiple of visitors compared to if they didn’t have Splash Page.

5. Your Website contains little to no content.

Usually in this case you have a website because you were told you needed a website. Not only is this tactic looked down upon by your users, but search engines as well. Create something of value for your visitors, design a strategy to get them to build your revenue. A one page site says, “I only did this because I had to.” If you only have one page, your site is a failure.

4. Your Site Has No Appeal

Keep things fun, keep things light and above all keep things interesting. It is interest that brought your visitor to your site in the first place and it will be interest that will keep your visitor from leaving. If everything about your website is boring, you’ll never convince them to stay long enough to take a chance on you.

3. Your Budget Only Included Web Design and Development.

It doesn’t matter how influential, beautiful or amazing your web design or development are if you have no way of getting people to your website. When budgeting out your website, make sure to appropriate sufficient funds to attract an audience to it. It is suggested that you budget enough to build your website, and hire an Internet Marketer to get targeted traffic to your site. You need both to succeed.

2. Your Website is Too Generic

A good looking website and a well branded website are two very different things. A good looking website might impress your audience but a well branded website will influence your audience to a profitable action. If you’re running a business, the latter is the smarter choice. Every aspect of your website should be communicating the same message, from your design, to your logo, to font, text and style. Keeping these aspects of your website consistent will create a stronger and more influential brand.

1. Your Site is Not Based On Achieving Your Website Objectives.

If you didn’t plan out the primary and secondary objectives of your website, then your website is probably spinning your visitors in circles. Give your website an objective, and every aspect of it should be accomplishing it. If you’re trying to sell a product make it appealing and easy for them to do so, if you want them to call you on the phone do the same. Too often a website is about a company and loses its potential influence it can have to make your company more money. If you aren’t getting what you need from your visitors, your website has failed.


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