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You Wouldn’t Get Legal Advice from a 12 year old – Don’t Skimp If You’re Serious

Posted by Sandra Turner on February 9, 2009

The ever-increasing accessibility and use of modern technology produces a burgeoning number of persons who qualify themselves as ‘web designers’. Modern internet technologies can be used by anyone, opening the web design market to anyone. Most of us know someone with an understanding of web site design. Oftentimes, they may be our 14 year old neighbor or “this guy my brother knows.” But, like other industries, there are varying levels of quality in the web design business. Some companies may offer to build you a site for $500 but, don’t skimp if you’re serious.

In an age when nearly everyone has some type of web presence, the internet is absolutely inundated with information. To be competitive in your respective field, you need a competitive online presence. If you’re serious about building your business you need to build a high quality web site that will efficiently and professionally find, recognize and engage your target audience. A competitive web presence will do wonders for your business.

Intrusting your business’s success to a $500 web design is akin to hiring a novice vice-president or chief sales officer for $20,000 a year. Don’t skimp if you’re serious. Web design is an art form in and of itself, and good web design requires time, research, expertise and years of experience to be effectual.

In choosing a web design company, three questions should come to mind.

1. Do they specialize in web site design?

Would you hire your friend who took legal classes in college to give you vital legal advice for your company? Hopefully, you would hire a lawyer committed to the practice of law. Likewise, web design can be offered by anyone, but to receive a competitive, professional web presence you need a competitive, professional web design firm. ChiroMatrix has been a company solely dedicated to effective, state-of-the-art web design for 8 years.

2. Are they invested in the long-term success of your business?

It’s easy to create a beautiful, impressive web page, but does your site do anything for your business besides looking pretty? A good web design firm is committed to delivering a web site presence that looks good and goes the long run for your company. A competitive site will be

search engine friendly and turn visitors to your site into sales for your business. If you’re serious about having a competitive web presence, you need to hire a web design firm that is dedicated to search engine optimization. ChiroMatrix was founded to give businesses attractive web sites that do far more than can be seen. ChiroMatrix is invested in the long term success of your company, and we are a company dedicated to search engine optimization.

3. Are there verifiable success stories and testimonials from happy customers?

Take a look at ChiroMatrix’s catalog of clients. You will find a long list of sites pointing to a history of success in web design. Web design firms should have sites and testimonials available to point to the prevailing patterns of their work.

In summary, hiring a novice, amateur or on-the-side web designer can be a costly choice. A $500 site may sound good at the outset, but you get what you pay for and it won’t take you far. Invest in establishing a web presence that will quickly pay for itself and propel your business for decades to come. When you think about your web site as the single greatest tool to effectively reach and market customers, you should also think about web design as your most important and worthwhile investment. Why skimp on your best asset? A state-of-the-art web site is the greatest tool a company can own and requires a team of professional web designers to initiate.


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