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Offline Marketing Tips

Posted by Sandra Turner on February 26, 2009

Offline marketing is a simple yet critical part of Internet success. Offline marketing is simply putting your web address in all of your traditional advertising and print media. This is going to leverage your advertising by bringing qualified customers to your website. Your website should be the focal point of all of your advertising and marketing.

Put your web address anywhere you have your name or phone number, as it is just another medium in which people can contact you and learn about your business. Just like your phone number, people need easy access to your website. Your web address should be anywhere that your contact information is. This will leverage your existing marketing and make your advertising dollars more effective by reaching a larger audience. Make sure that your web address is on:

* Your business cards and letterhead.
* All paperwork, documents, invoices, etc.
* Direct mail, postcards, flyers, newsletters, etc.
* All print or display advertising (newspaper, yellow pages, or brochures).
* Promotional items, shirts, hats, calendars, notepads, magnets, pens, etc.
* Answering machine and music on hold.
* Signage, entryway, or windows.

Talk it up
Let everyone you do business with know that you have a website. Send clients to your website for a specific reason. Your clients will remember your web address long before they’ll remember a 10-digit phone number. Make it a resource – give them reasons to go there and return.

Make your domain readable
The next step is making your web address more noticeable. Capitalize the first letter of key words. Your web address is not case sensitive and doing this makes your web address more readable and memorable. Examine the difference . . . OR


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